Change WRS port mode from console


Is there a way to change WRS port mode from the command line? Doesn’t matter if the change will survive a reboot.

Hi Marek,

We do not have any command line tool to change this on the fly. The easiest is just to modify settings in the /wr/etc/dot-config configuration file (e.g. using make menuconfig) - see WR Switch manual for more details.


After doing what Greg said, you should reboot the switch. If rebooting is not an option, you might try doing as follows:

  • /wr/bin/
  • /wr/bin/apply_dot-config
  • /etc/init.d/ restart
  • /etc/init.d/ restart
    or some subset of the above. Test and try… It is not exactly a command to “change it on the fly”… it simply resets the daemons without rebooting the switch.