Configure Flash block size

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Since our hardware which runs WRPC does not have an external SPI Flash memory we wrote an small BRAM to SPI Flash wrapper. Fore simplicity we use simulated block size of 1 byte.
Are there any good reasons to not have the block size in the dot-config file instead of as a define in Flash.h?
It is of course easy to just modify that file, but if possible we like use the released version of WRPC SW except for changes in the config file.

In the end we aim to make WRPC replaceable (e.g. upgrade to latest release) within our Development kit, both Gateware and Software. Maybe the best solution is just to mention to our users that Flash block size needs to be X bytes (in this case 1 byte).


actually, in the current stable version of WRPC (v4.2) the Flash block size you can modify with VHDL generic parameter of the core (please see the user manual for more details). Then software reads it. This way you don’t need to modify anything in the wrpc-sw, just set the generic to a desired value when you instantiate WRPC in your HDL design.


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Thanks for a quick reply!
We need to have a look at v4.2 then, right now we use v4.1.
Back in the days (October 2017) when we started to integrate WR I did a clone of the branch tom-kintex7-ultrascale which is based on release 4.1. Instead of upgrading we have made a push the last weeks to get everything up and running, so sorry for asking questions of things that might already is solved.