Divergence of GSI-created branches

Dear GSI developers,

I’m beginning to worry about the continuing divergence of GSI-created branches in general-cores. These include:

  • remotes/origin/gsi_master
  • remotes/origin/gsi_master_a10
  • remotes/origin/gsi_master_q18.1
  • remotes/origin/pcie-wb-direct-access
  • remotes/origin/pcie_wb_cyc_timeout
  • remotes/origin/wrpc-v4.2-sis8300ku
  • remotes/origin/wrpc-v4.2_gsi
  • remotes/origin/wrpc-v4.2_gsi_a10

The last time any of these branches was aligned to master/proposed_master was in early 2017. Today, they are ~140 commits away from master, ~180 from proposed_master.

Is there any plan to merge these to master at some point or do you prefer to keep them separate for the foreseeable future?


We would really like to merge our changes to master but we are busy getting the accelerator ready for the next beam time. Merging requires a lot of testing. Maybe next year (when we release a new major version of our software and hardware stack).

Hi Alex,

Thanks for the quick response. I fully understand your constraints.

Would it be possible to reduce the number of pending, unmerged branches then? Do you still need/work on all 8 of them? Perhaps you could merge them internally (or of course delete them if they are not necessary any more).



Yes we need them, they are all used as submodules for different development branches (q18.1 => Quartus 18.1, xy_a10 => added Arria 10 support, …, wrpc-v4.2 => no long-term test yet).