extra_modules doesn't work

I’m using hdlmake on a project, and I’ve noticed that extra_modules doesn’t work. Any files added there are not added to the project.

I’m using the master version of hdlmake.

Is there any good reason to use extra_modules ? Why cannot you use the files variable ?

Which tool are you generating for ?

I’m generating for modelsim using ISE libraries.

I have some IP files that depend on the ISE vhd libraries, but hdlmake seems to miss the dependencies and so ignores ISE vhd files. I thought by using extra_modules I could work around it.

At any rate, the feature is documented, shouldn’t it work?

I have the impression that extra_modules was mainly for synthesis.

Do you have a testcase so that I could investigate the issue ?

Hello… As a prerequisite, you must have the following programs installed in your host machine:

  • python : you need a compatible Python deployment
  • git : you need git for both fetching the hdlmake code and accessing to remote HDL repositories.
  • svn : svn will only be used when accessing to remote SVN HDL repositories.