How to disable some check on some ports

Hi there,

i have on a White Rabbit Switch an SNMP " PTPFramesFlowing is error" message. The reason is a RJ45-SFP, it is for the DHCP server only and it does not need White Rabbit Timing.

Can i disable this check ?

greetings m.zweig

Hi Marcus,

please see page 9 of the WRS User Manual for release v5.0.1 [1] for different roles you can configure on a port in the WRS configuration file. If you configure it to:

  • non-wr - the port will still have PTP daemon active, but no error will be generated if you plug there a copper SFP
  • none - disables PTP daemon completely on the port (and also suppresses the SNMP error).



Hi Greg,

many thanks. This helps !

(i have looked in the 4.2 Manual not in the v5)

grettings marcus