Modelsim SE 10.1d: A subdirectory or file work\FILENAME\ already exists.


I’m trying to simulate a design with modelsim SE 10.1d (with questa everything works fine) on windows 10 and I get the following error:

vcom -quiet -modelsimini modelsim.ini -work work …\FILENAME.vhd
A subdirectory or file work\FILENAME\ already exists.
make: *** [work\FILENAME.FILENAME.vhd] Error 1

Is there a known solution (switch or something to set/write in the *.ini?) or a planned work around? I fixed it by checking for the existence of the directory before creating it in the tools/

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I suppose this is due to a windows specific problem in the Makefile generation.

Which make do you use ? Using which shell (bash, cmd, powershell ?)

Can you post the lines for FILENAME from the Makefile ?

I’m using bash and make 3.81 (gnuwin32).

vcom (VCOM_FLAGS) -work work <
@mkdir (dir @) && type nul >> $@

I fixed it for windows by replacing the last line by:
if not exist “(dir @)” @mkdir (dir @) && type nul >> $@

I am not fully sure about your setup. If you are using bash and if make is also using bash, it should complain about type nul, unless it puts something in the file.

I have to check with gnuwin32.

Sorry I messed something up with the last response. I’m using CMD and make 3.81 (gnuwin32).

I think you are right: on windows, we need to add if not exist because the command must not fail if the directory is already present. I will fix that.


This should now be fixed for modelsim. I have in fact reworked the stamp files.


I also faced the same problem with my windows 10 operating system. then I format the system but after formatting another issue occur that was all data was erased from hard drive. I was so frustrated with that problem . I have been searching the data recovery service center.