Netconsole implementation for PTP core

Dear Rabbtis,

I would like to make an announcement that I made an implementation of a netconsole for PTP core.
In short it allows the remote access to the PTP core’s console via WR network. I belive it can be a great tool for debugging (and potentially monitoring) of standalone nodes. I hope some of you will find it useful.

To use this functionality, simply use the netcat (nc) tool, which is available out of the box on most of Linux distributions. Make sure the nc is run on the machine with an access to the WR network. For example:

nc -u <IP> 55

For more information please refer to the updated documentation (section 4.4 Netconsole) in the branch adam-netconsole.

The output from the regular virtual console is mirrored to the netconsole. In other words, all input/ouptut to any of them will pop up also in the other.

Please note that there is no authorization nor authentication for access to PTP core via the netconsole.
For security reasons netconsole can be disabled even in run-time.
As today the implementation can be foun in the branch adam-netconsole of wrpc-sw repo, but be aware that this branch may be rebased without a notice. The mentioned functionality will be included in the next release of PTP core.

Adam Wujek

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