No Ethernet Controller with FD

Hi All,

I’ve been using the Fine-Delay (with a SPEC) for awhile as a 10MHz/PPS source, but have never really attempted to use it in a network. I now would like to do that, but realised recently that I can’t see the Ethernet controller with ifconfig. The NIC driver is running, and I have a DIO on another PC using the same NIC version that shows up as an Ethernet controller. I browsed the wr-starting-kit doc, and see that the IP comes from the FMC EEPROM (not sure if this is DIO specific)?

Am I missing something important?

Using the 2014 fine-delay software. (
WRS HW ver 3.3, SW 5.01


Could you let me know what gateware (HDL) you are using (repo,commit, branch)? Have you added NIC module in your Fine-Delay top? The wr-starting-kit comes with DIO and NIC modules. It seems to me that the release version of Fine-Delay has no NIC functionality.


Hey Maciej,

I’m using everything from the fine-delay-sw-v2014-hotfix branch. I recall having to install the NIC driver to get everything to work correctly (not sure if this was from the FD branch or from the starting kit v2), and currently use a script at startup to ‘modprobe wr-nic’. Would I have to rebuild the firmware and add the NIC functionality? I’m a novice at this, and have been using the pre-built binaries up to this point. Thanks for your reply!


The release fine-delay HDL has no NIC included. So indeed, you would need to modify the HDL to add NIC-related modules, this might not be trivial. You would need to have a look at the top-level HDL for DIO (the HDL project used for wr-starter-kit) to see how the NIC is included in this project. Note that we are working now on including NIC functionality to the basic reference design of WR Nodes. So, what you have assumed should be indeed correct in some foreseeable future.


Ah okay, I should be able to get around using the DIO in the interim. Thanks for the response though, I’ll look into adding the NIC into the HDL.