PPS shifting in Grandmaster mode


Can I shift PPS output to align it to PPS input when WR Switch is in Grandmaster mode?

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With firmware released so far (5.0.1 I guess, as of June 2019) the answer is probably no.

The switch locks to a rising edge of the 10MHz input, and the 1PPS input serves to mark which edge of the 10MHz to lock to.
The solution is to create a 1PPS that is a bit early compared to your desired lock-point, and then adjust the delay (cable length) of the 10MHz input signal. Not very elegant but should be doable.
So far at MIKES we haven’t had time/energy to adjust this very carefully.


You should modify current official software(wr-switch-sw) and embedded core(wrpc-sw) to support this function. If you are interested in it, please check branch hm-wrsfl in both wr-switch-sw/wrpc-sw git repo.