pre master

On a WRS

wri1 = slave
wri2 = master

When running wr_mon
wri2 is shown alternating between “master” and “pre master”
what does that mean?



At the first, it seems that you have connected your wri2 (master) port to a port on another device (WR device?) that also becomes master (either because it is a WR device and its port is configured to be master or because it is a PTP device and the BMCA says it should be a master). In other words, on both sides of the WR link, you have ports that want to be masters.

If the above fast diagnosis is not correct, more information is needed to debug your problem:

  • drawing with the network setup
  • version of firmware you are running (wrs_version)
  • configuration (e.g. dot-config) of the two devices that you are connecting