SPEC + FMC Fine Delay is not working

Hi all,

I want to use the FMC Fine Delay with a SPEC connected in PCIe Slot. I’m trying the software installation but I didn’t get it yet. I’m using Ubuntu 14 and I tried with Kernel 4.4.0 and 3.12.24. The tags of the repository I tried were fine-delay-sw-2.04 and fine-delay-sw-v2014-04-hotfix but I didn’t succeed.

What do you recommend me to do? Maybe it’s better to change the operating system or kernel version. Or maybe I forgot something to do.


Hey Daniel,

Sorry I replied to your message via email, but it was sent to noreply@ohwr.

I struggled to get the fine-delay working too at some point, but luckily Matteo Fritelli saved me with this link:


Try that out and see if it works with your current OS and kernel, otherwise you may need to roll back to Ubuntu 12 LTS (I remember seeing issues with driver loading in v13, bit this might not be an issue in 14).

Goodluck and regards,


Hi Simon,

Thank you for you answer. I’m going to try that.