We are looking for industrial partners for our prototype

Hi everyone,

Due to the recent COVID19 restrictions imposed by the Italian government on the local industries, we might encounter some problems regarding the realization of our first prototype. We are of course working with additive manufacturing to produce an alternative prototype for testing (same kinematic scheme as the metal one). But, since involvement of larger-scale manufacturing tools is such a big part of the concept, we want to test the sheet metal prototype as soon as possible.

To do this we are working on finding a sheet metal workshop that could laser-cut stainless steel and bend it with a brake press. This is extremely hard to achieve in Italy as manufacturers that are not strictly related to pharmaceutical/food/medical devices factories or the related supply lines are all shut.

Of course, a European vendor would be greatly appreciated as it could be much easier to obtain components in reasonable times, but we will explore all the possibilities.

If anyone is interested and has the tools to help us, contact us at info@openbreath.it


Hi Francesco,

I forwarded your request to a friend in Greece who has good contacts with a precision mfg workshop. Let’s see if a) they are still working and if b) they could help.

Fingers crossed,

I also have some people I know in CERN’s mechanical engineering group. I’ll check with them as well.

Hi @dlamprid, we already put them in touch with the Fabrication Methods & Subcontracting section in the mechanical engineering group. I believe they are making good progress together.

Hi Dimitris! Thanks for sharing the issue with your friend in Greece. As Javier said, at the moment we should be fine, thanks to the help of someone at the CERN’s mechanical engineering group.

Thanks anyway for the help!



Im Luís and im from Protugal and i belong to international enterprise
we have mould production Plastic and Aluminium, Mecanization and assembly line.
I believe that i could do all the parts, and if i couldn’t i take someone that could.

My email l.bastos@mitjavila.pt

I want to participate in the program