White Rabbit Switch Crashed V6


we have a little problem with a White Rabbit Switch (Seven, Version 6.0).
The switch ran very well and then suddenly crashes.
Does somebody has any idea ? Problem with the agentx master agent ? what is the agentx master agent ? (see log file) all-2020-08-22 (67.3 KB)

Thank you marcus zweig

What is the configuration of this switch (please, send dot-config)?

And also, how long was the switch running before it crashed? What’s your SNMP configuration? Do you query all SNMP objects or a subset of them? I’m asking because agentx is related to the SNMP daemon.


thanks for the answers. I was in the field and expanded the WRS. The USB management port does not respond at all. The other two USB ports on the back are visible under /dev/ttyUSB, but nothing comes at all. It looks a lot like a hardware failure.