White Rabbit Switch with Low Jitter Daughterboard prepared hardware

Dear Rabbits,

We have an exciting announcement to make: a new member of the WR switch family is born! Like the current WR switch (WRS-3/18) it is a fully open-source design, which is also commercially available from OPNT.

The modifications with respect to the existing WR switch are minimal – as one might expect for a fully backward-compatible device. Nevertheless we made a few valuable improvements:

  • Hardware and firmware fully prepared for the Low Jitter Daughterboard [1]
  • ‘Always on’ fan control (instead of software control) to prevent overheating of hardware in case the kernel does not boot
  • Durable SFP cages
  • Replaced obsolete Flash memory IC (and adapted the software accordingly)

Because of the (minor) hardware modifications to the Switch Core Board (SCB) and Backplane we have elevated the version number of the SCB from v3.4 to v3.4.1, and that of the Backplane from v3.3 to v3.3.1. More details can be found in the OHWR repository [2].

The OPNT WR software build automatically detects which type of hardware it runs on, and therefore runs on any of the currently available versions of the WRS-3/18 hardware.

Please feel free to post any technical questions about the new software and hardware on this forum - we of OPNT are subscribed to the forum too.

However, all other questions (e.g. regarding the delivery of OPNT-built hardware or other OPNT services) are best sent directly to OPNT through info@opnt.nl. This will help in maintaining a good signal-to-noise ratio at the white-rabbit-dev forum.

Best regards,
On behalf of the OPNT team,
Jeroen Koelemeij

[1] https://www.ohwr.org/project/wrs-low-jitter/wikis/home
[2] https://www.ohwr.org/project/wrs-ljdprep-hw/wikis/home