WR Example Project


Is there a Xilinx Vivado project available in which the White Rabbit Core has been implemented?

For my graduation project a WRPC needs to be implemented on a Xilinx FPGA. As a Hello World, I worked through the WRPC User manual, but I ran into issues building the Fasec board. Some files are missing from www.ohwr.org.
We have received source files for our specific FPGA, but some files are missing. While that is being taken care of, I would like a Vivado project to look around and experiment with the WRPC.

Any FPGA will do, if it is programmed through Vivado (preferably version 2018 and up).

Thanks in advance!

Hi Omer,

I kept a generic setup template from my work described in topic
Notes from integrating White Rabbit in “user firmware”

I don’t think it is of sufficient quality to post as a reference project, but I can email it to you if you contact me through the email listed in the pdf of that topic. It’s Vivado 2018.1, with a setup script and some documentation how to use it. The WR core is version 4.2; the project is for a Kintex 7.


Hi Wolfgang,

Thanks for your work. I think your write-up can always be useful and have made a somewhat more long-lived pointer to it from the new wrpc FAQ entry:
Q: Any other helpful documentation on how to implement the WRPC?.