WRPC-SW Development IDE & debugging


We can happily build the wrpc-sw from command line using the LM32 cross compiler described in the WR PTP Core user manual.

Our question is, what is the preferred development IDE and do you use any additional tools for debugging?

We’re hoping to extend the current shell commands for a project.

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Hi Alex,

We did not use any “modern” IDE for the development of the wrpc-sw. Just one’s favorite editor (vim/emacs/…) and Makefiles to compile. Unfortunately we do not currently have gdb support for LM32. This should be better in the future once we migrate to RISC-V.


Hello Greg,

Thank you for your response. The RISC-V ISA is certainly popular now. We look forward to this development!

Out of interest, is this something that is hoped to be included as part of the initial 10Gb WR PTP Core development or would that be too many changes at once?

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